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We are going to be comparing the glossier brow flick which everyone including me is obsessed with cars phi microblading tools, it’s just magical and the brand new brow micro filling pen by benefit, this is literally brand new I think it just came out I went to alta to get this and it was totally sold out, so I went to a sephora and they had it thank god so I thought it would be fun to do a little comparison and see kind of which one performs better since this has been a favorite for a while now, so we will see if you want to see my comparison between the glossier and the benefit brow pens, stay tuned for the rest of the video and if you haven’t already make sure to give this video a huge thumbs up and please subscribe to my channel I post microblading disposable hand tool.Videos about makeup and tanning all the time so you get something from me constantly so make sure to subscribe but stay tuned to see the comparison between these two.The one thing I can tell you already about this, the glossy brow flick is literally like a pen, it’s almost like an eyeliner liquid liner pen and then the benefit one it has three little pens I don’t know how else to say it so this one only has one and then this one has three so I don’t know how that’s gonna affect it I have brown in this one and I have deep brown in this one I think they’re pretty similar in color, I’m gonna swatch both on the back of my hand though and just show you guys, what a little flick of each looks like by the way, this is my first time using this one it’s a brand new product to me so let’s see how it goes, but first I’m gonna draw a little line with the glossier, sorry I had to go over that a couple times, this is used and abused and then this one is the benefit.Okay, so the glossier is darker, this is the glossier and this is the benefit and this is the deepest shade that you could get for the benefit one its deep brown I didn’t see any darker shades, let’s just get right into this because I’m very excited to see how this is gonna turn out I’m going to zoom you guys in on my eyebrows, I’m not going to zoom to close though cuz I have a really really bad habit of moving my face out of frame so you can’t see anything I’m doing trying to get better at it I promise but I’m going to zoom you in so that you can see exactly what I’m doing to each eyebrow, so I am going to start off with my left brow and I think I’m gonna start with the glossy brow flicks since I’m already familiar with it I already kind of have an idea of how to work with it so I’m just taking a spooky end of a brow brush and I’m just brushing my eyebrows out like normal I’m gonna do both sides, so I don’t forget. Before you do the other one okay I’m just taking this and I’m literally just doing little flick motions with it, so let’s start.And one thing I wanted to mention too is when I’m applying this I like to move in the natural shape of my brow, so if I see certain hairs going up into the side, I’ll follow that shape and then like for example at the top of my brow, they kind of go down so I’ll try to do some downward flicks as well, so it looks as natural as possible, we want these to look like hairs on our eyebrows, so I just like to follow it’s OK if it’s not perfect right away I just like to take us fully and go over the front.Of the brow and anywhere, that kind of needs softening up.So as you can see, it’s not completely perfect I like when I’m using a pen to give my eyebrows a more natural kind of a little bit more of a messier look, if that makes sense I just feel like it looks more natural that way, if you like a more clean look, you could be a little bit more precise than I was I just like the messier kind of look so that’s what I did but let’s move on to the other side, now I’m super nervous because this is the first time I’m using this but we’re going to use the benefit on my right side.A.HMM. Okay.I do have some thoughts.As you can see there’s definitely a difference between my brows right now, so the first thing that I want to say, is this is not deep brown like I’m so glad that I didn’t get medium brown for this because I was debating between the two I’m like my hair is not black, so I don’t know if deep brown is going to be a little bit too dark for me not look very natural so I was like let me get deep brown and see how it goes I almost wish there was a darker shade than this, because it doesn’t seem dark enough like this is brown, and this looks darker than this one does so that’s the first thing I noticed right off the BAT not that it’s a bad thing, but I wouldn’t call it deep brown because it’s really not that deep I tried going crazy on it on my hand to see if a darker colour would start bleeding out and no it doesn’t.Um, I’m gonna let you guys decide which brough you like better I already know which one I like better I personally prefer the glossy side, I’m really surprised about that too because benefit makes the best brow gel and brow powder out there in my opinion, those are the best brow gel and powder that you could get they just do everything the right way, so so good, but this I’m kind of A I don’t want to say I’m disappointed is a good product, but I thought it was gonna be better like the fact that it sold out so quick it’s really been a hot topic in the beauty community the past few days or so, so I was really excited to try it and it just didn’t do as much as I’d hoped it would like, for example the color first of all is not what I was expecting I thought it would be much darker than this, it’s just not coming off too.Dark at all, and I just felt like with a glossy I had a lot more control over what I was doing where I was drawing the lines I just feel like it looks a lot better and a lot cleaner even though I was going for that kind of messy eyebrow, look it still has that kind of cleanness to it as well, this one I feel like I just didn’t have as much control maybe because there are three of these little pen things on it, so I kind of didn’t have as much say over where exactly it went, but I just feel like it looks a lot messier and not in the way that I wanted it to like this one looks a lot cleaner than this one does this one just looks really boxy and it doesn’t look like hairs, if that makes sense, it just kind of looks like, like I was trying to draw something on there. And it didn’t go well like right here I tried to pencil in but all the color kept coming off by even let it dry and tried to go over it again and it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to so overall I definitely think glossier wins if you’re debating between the two I think you should go for glossy I just feel like you have more control over where you’re trying to draw the hairs on your brows, the color is much better, it’s much more pigmented, it’s much deeper I just feel like it’s an all around better product don’t get me wrong I still think that this one is a good product I think it’s a good brow pen I just don’t think it’s the best out there and I think maybe it just maybe it might be a little teensy weeny bit overhyped I do think it’s good though, like I feel like you can definitely work with this, maybe it would be better if you’re not already wearing makeup underneath that might.Work for you a little better, but as far as a first impression and a comparison to this I probably would choose this over this one if I was trying to do my makeup like I said I just think overall this one is a little bit better, this one is the winner in my opinion, that’s all I’ve got for you guys you’ve seen the results for yourself, you watched me apply both of them, you saw how both of them worked on my skin, so decide for yourselves I personally like this side better but comment down below, and let me know which side you guys prefer what you thought looked more natural or what looked clear or whatever the case, maybe comment and let me know if you’ve tried either one of these let me know what you think about them.

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